Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jawal Zad SMS 16

1) It is allowed for the person who missed his Isha' prayer in congregation to join the Imam in taraweeh with the intention of Isha' prayer.

2) If a person has prayed the taraweeh and witr with the Imam but still wants to pray more raka'hs at tahajjud time then it is permissible for him to pray two by two raka'hs without repeating the witr.

3) It is permissible for a person to break his fast if the disk of the sun has disappeared completely from the horizon even if he didn't hear the adhaan.

4) It is permissible to read the opening dua' in the first raka'h of every prayer in taraweeh and tahajjud (night prayer). [Ibn Uthaymeen]

5) The non-menstrual blood (Istihaada) does not affect a womans fast. [Ibn Baaz]

6) An ointment that moisturizes, softens, or soothes the skin and medication plasters for skin do not break the fast. [The Standing Committee]

7) The reward is for concentration and length of prayer and not for the lesser and quicker prayer.

8) We ask Allah to guide more people to pray in the Mosque. Prayer is better than sleep and taraweeh is better than watching serials.